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I have been getting massages mainly to deal with stress. Valerie became my massage therapist two years ago and I’m very happy with the outcome. I would recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you for taking care of my needs as my massage therapist.

Thank you,

Val has been my massage therapist for 3 years. I saw her monthly for a year and then I developed sciatica, which caused discomfort down the back of my thighs when I walked. Through seeing a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a rehab physician. Val was the constant who was able to isolate the specific muscles that were tight and her ‘strong hands’ always loosened them up. She was genuinely caring about how I was doing and encouraging as I tried many varying treatments. It turned out that surgery was the resolution. I have continued to see Val to keep my legs and back in balance as those muscles have relearned how they are to function. I would heartedly recommend Val to anyone who is having difficulty with tired and/or tight muscles that effect your ability to move at your best … or if you just need a good massage to loosen you up for the next week.


Val works through my stress spots, wherever they are, with just the right amount of pressure. I always feel totally refreshed when my appointment is done!


In need of a therapeautic deep tissue massage? Then you must try ashiatsu! Valerie has the best feet in the northwest and I have been a long time, happy, relaxed client!


I suffer from neck pain and migraine headaches. Val’s massages have kept the painful episodes at bay, and they are much more effective than any drugs on the market.


After moving to Oregon and having to leave my wonderful massage therapist behind I had a hard time finding someone to give me the needed therapy for my sore and damaged muscles. Then one day I found Valerie and decided that if I ever move again she is coming with me. It didn’t take her long to really know my muscles and know where all my knots are. You will not be disappointed with her and she knows how to customize the massage to fit your specific needs. While I enjoy all types of massage, ashiatsu is what I NEED. The deep tissue work is perfect for old injuries and you don’t know a good nights sleep until after you’ve had ashiatsu from Valerie.